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Short Term plans are affordable compared To COBRA Health Insurance

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Most customers choose short term plans because of price and flexibility

If you have recently lost your job, had your hours cut, or have had changes that have led to you losing your health insurance, you have an option. We are happy to help you with your COBRA questions, or in finding a health insurance plan that meets your needs and budget. We know many people want to understand how cobra insurance works, what are the cobra insurance rules and coverage and how much it costs, so give us a call today or request a call back by submitting your information below.

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    Buy Affordable Health Insurance in Tennessee, for Self Employed, Individual, Short Term & Family plans

    National Insurance Direct is determined to simplify the process in understanding insurance policies. With over 100 combined years of experience, we can show you how to get the most affordable health insurance plans & rates in 2020 whether it’s for a family, individual or self employed!

    Our licensed insurance agents are the best the industry has to offer, and will help you every step of the way. Getting affordable health insurance plans doesn’t need to be confusing or costly, so let us help. Use this opportunity to speak with one of our licensed insurance agents. You can buy the proper health insurance plan today, in as quick as 15 minutes! Insurance plans simplified from major carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna.

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    We Service All Cities in Tennessee with Health Insurance
    Including the Major Ones:

    Best Health Insurance in Tennessee Including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna!

    Our licensed agents are experts at providing insurance plans, such as health, life, and dental insurance. We work with many carriers in 41 states, so you can be rest assured that you can get affordable health, life, dental, indemnity, or short-term plans. We remove the fear and stress in finding the best policy that is also affordable.

    Get the Best Health Insurance Plans in Tennessee for Self Employed, Individuals & Family!

    If you are looking for medical insurance and you are self-employed, an individual or a family then we can help you!

    Our options are not just limited to a few carriers. We work with a variety of carriers, so you can choose the one you prefer.

    We have a team of well experienced insurance agents who are licensed, and willing to help simplify the entire process.

    We understand that the insurance industry is quite confusing, and that is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explain it to you and your family in simple terms. We will secure a coverage for you that is within your budget, and guide you in every step to take.

    We Show You How To Get
    Health Insurance With Pre existing Conditions

    Living without insurance is too big a risk to take, but National Insurance Direct is an expert at this and we are ready to help you find a policy that:

    Will be clear to you and void of any confusion

    Matches your financial needs

    Provides the amount of coverage you desire

    Provides you and your family with the type of insurance you need

    Is implemented by a national provider of your choice

    Will take away your stress and give you peace of mind

    Helping people with their health insurance needs by providing affordable plans is our mission. When we make you happy, we are successful.

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    Why Us?

    At National Insurance Direct, we have a team of dedicated professionals who simplify the insurance process for every individual. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, our team of licensed insurance agents have accreditation and licensing with the CMS centers from the day health care legislation was enacted. The insurance market is our niche and we have helped countless people meet their insurance needs. When you get in touch, we don’t just send you a quote, we treat you like family and walk you through the process of understanding the health insurance market and the options that are available to you. Whenever we send you rates and policy information, we are always there to answer all your questions.

    Our Process To Obtain An Affordable Health Insurance Quote in Tennessee

    If you give us just a few minutes of your time, we can give you a detailed health insurance quote and all the information you need.
    We have a reliable process that has been tested over time:

    We gather information about your insurance needs, then compare it against various health insurance plans.

    Once we decide on a plan that best fits your needs, we evaluate your requirements and budget.

    We provide all the information needed to make an informed decision.

    Once you select the insurance plan that’s right for you, we begin the enrollment process.

    Throughout the entire process, we are available to answer all your questions

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    Did you miss open enrollment?

    The open enrollment period for health insurance only runs for a six-week period at the
    end of the year. When you sign up for a plan during within this period, it kicks off on the 1st of January. Those who miss the 6-week window period may find it challenging to get health insurance, unless they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Months will go by without having an insurance plan…the good news is that our licensed insurance agents know exactly what is required to qualify for that special enrollment period, and they can help you get the health insurance you need. We can help you with your health insurance needs anytime of the year, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    So call us now to find the right plan for you! You can also fill out the form and get a quick quote within a few minutes. We can help you select the best plan for your needs and budget!

    Think you can’t find affordable health insurance?
    Think again!

    Do you think that affordable health, life or dental insurance is impossible to get? Most don’t know how to navigate the market and discover the right plan that fits your budget. We at National Insurance Direct are current on the latest plan information and product availability. 

    We have a sound understanding of the insurance market, and it is our mission to help ensure that everyone who needs insurance coverage is afforded a plan that matches their budget.

    So, if you are in need of a long-term or short-term plan, whether you want health insurance for the family or an individual, we are committed in finding the most affordable plan that will give you the coverage you require.

    Simplicity Rules.

    Lots of people are overwhelmed by the complex world of health insurance, and prefer not to deal with it. We are aware of all these complexities and that is why we are on a mission to simplify it all. We help remove the stress and confusion so you end up with an affordable health insurance plan that offers the coverage you need, without the headache and stress.

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    Why Insurance Matters

    When things are going well, people tend to forget the importance of insurance in their lives.
    The problem with this is that one life event can change everything within a very short time. Events that happen in seconds can culminate into big doctor bills, hospital stays, or worse. Every year, countless number of people pass away without leaving an insurance plan to tend for the family there are leaving behind. These mistakes can lead to a lot of stress, confusion, and bills that can lead to bankruptcy. When you implement an appropriate insurance plan, you can take comfort in knowing that you and your loved ones will be taken care of. Enrolling with affordable health insurance, life insurance and dental insurance can cushion the stress, provide you with peace of mind, and making sure that you and your family get required care when needed. Call us today and we will hook you up with the most affordable insurance plan that covers all your needs.

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    Have questions? We can help!

    Having unanswered questions about insurance can be worrisome because the market is confusing, and that is why we are here for you, so if you have questions about policies, options, coverage, premiums, deductibles, we have you covered. When dealing with insurance companies, it is important for you to have someone on your side who understands the industry and is working on your behalf. Having someone to protect your interest means you won’t get lost at any point, as you will then understand the policies and be able to get the most affordable insurance rates, with the coverage you need. We not only walk you through the entire process of finding the best policy, we also make sure all your questions are answered. We are on a mission to clear up any confusion about insurance, that’s why we always keep things simple.

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