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Short Term plans are affordable compared To COBRA Health Insurance

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Most customers choose short term plans because of price and flexibility

If you have recently lost your job, had your hours cut, or have had changes that have led to you losing your health insurance, you have an option. We are happy to help you with your COBRA questions, or in finding a health insurance plan that meets your needs and budget. We know many people want to understand how cobra insurance works, what are the cobra insurance rules and coverage and how much it costs, so give us a call today or request a call back by submitting your information below.

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    Buy Affordable Health Insurance in Indiana, for Self Employed, Individual, Short Term & Family plans

    With over 100 years of combined experience, National Insurance Direct can easily show you how to get the most affordable health insurance plans & rates in 2020 whether it’s for a family, individual or self-employed!

    Our certified insurance agents are super fast and reliable and can help you every step of the way. Getting affordable health insurance plans don’t need to be confusing or costly, so let us help. Call and speak with any of our licensed insurance agents to get the right health insurance coverage based on your needs right now! Within 15 minutes we can go over plans with you, answer all your questions and get you insured! Even health coverage from major carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna.
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    Best Health Insurance in Indiana Including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna!

    Our certified agents are specialized and can help you with all of your needs with health, life, and dental insurance options. We provide health insurance in over 41 states which also includes the major carriers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna and more! We help eliminate the concerns that is often associated with finding the most appropriate policy that is also affordable.

    Get the Best Health Insurance Plans in Indiana for Self Employed, Individuals & Family!


    If you are looking for medical insurance and you are self-employed, an individual or a family then we can help you!

    We don’t reduce your options to only a few carriers which helps you get the best rates from a variety of major carriers.

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    We are aware of how complicated the health insurance industry is, which is the reason we made it our duty to make it simple for you and your family.
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    You will get the coverage you need for an affordable price, and we will help you through the entire process.

    Our success is based on successfully assisting people with their health insurance needs with
    very reasonable. Our success is that you’re happy.

    We Show You How To Get
    Health Insurance With Pre existing Conditions

    We know how to get you insured right now!
    Don’t risk being caught without health insurance just because you have a pre existing condition.
    We are professionals at this and can help you find a policy that:

    Won’t be complicated or tiring

    Meets your financial necessities

    Gives the amount of coverage you want

    Is with a reputable national provider

    Will offer you peace of mind

    Our success relies upon successfully helping people with their health insurance needs with the most affordable and up to date rates. When you are happy, we succeed.

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    Why Us?

    At National Insurance Direct, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of owning and understanding health insurance. We pride ourselves with a management team and licensed insurance agents with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, and are recognized and licensed with the CMS centers right from when the health care legislation was decreed. We know the insurance market very well and have help l individuals meet their insurance needs daily. You’re more than just another quote. We accept you like family, assisting you to understand the health insurance market, your options, plans, and available products to you. We don’t just send you a quote, we are available to give answers to your questions and see you through the full process of getting the policy you want.

    Our Process To Obtain An Affordable Health Insurance Quote in Indiana

    If you give us just a few minutes of your time, we can give you a detailed health insurance quote and all the information you need.

    Best health insurance Indiana
    With our system of doing things, we will obtain information relating to your circumstances and protection needs.
    best family health insurance Indiana
    After that, we use the data to look up and compare several health insurance packages.The moment we get the plan that matches your needs and budget,
    best individual health insurance in Indiana
    We will then submit them to you and assist you through the process as you weigh your options with us over the phone.
    Indiana health insurance quote
    We will also provide answers to your requests, give further assistance, and do all that’s necessary to ensure that you are well set to make an informed choice.Once a choice is made, we then help you through the enrollment process.
    best health insurance plans in Indiana
    We will stay close to you, making sure that your insurance needs are met and all your demands are attended to.
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    Did you miss open enrollment?

    The open enrollment period for health insurance spans through a six week period. Once you register for a plan during that time, it will begin on January 1st. Those who miss that 6-week window may end up finding it tough to obtain health insurance, unless they qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. We assure that our licensed insurance agents know the criteria for that special period, and can help you get the health insurance you need. Never allow months pass you by without being insured. We can assist you with your health insurance non matter when you need it within a particular year. Find for the appropriate plan by calling our hotline!

    Think you can’t find affordable health insurance?
    Think again!

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can’t afford getting insured. Many of times, those that think they can’t afford an insurance plan do not have the knowledge of how to get the particular plan they can afford.
    They do not understand the market, hence, they can’t navigate their way around it. That is one of our areas of specialty! At National Insurance Direct, we know that you can get an affordable plan for yourself or your family. We have up-to-date plan information and product availability.
    It doesn’t matter whether you need a long-term or short- term plan, or you want health insurance for the family or an individual. We can help you navigate and handpick the one you’re comfortable with, you will be surprised!

    Simplicity Rules.

    You can cast away your fear and worries about the insurance world. Some get stressed out when discussing a policy with their insurance provider or even when searching for which one to buy. We know how intricate the market is, and our mission is to simplify it all. We help removethe stress and confusion so you end up with an affordable health insurance plan that offers the coverage you need, without the headache and stress.

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    Why Insurance Matters

    The ultimate purpose of obtaining insurance is to give you peace of mind for the period the policy is in place. It provides you with the safety net you and your family need to keep going when you’re faced with challenges of life. Issues like hospital bills, inability to work due to illness or disability may arise.

    If you’re unprepared, your family is exposed to serious financial downturn. This shouldn’t happen to you. You should consider getting one or more of the following coverages; health insurance, life insurance, vision or dental insurance. Call us now so we can help you find the perfect insurance policy for you!
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    Have questions? We can help!

    It doesn’t matter how many questions you need the answer to, we are ready to help you! Questions about policies, options, coverage, premiums, deductibles, and others have confused many. We know you may find some of these confusing too.
    You need someone that is qualified, friendly and well-experienced in this field to assist you. Our mission is to help you through the entire process of finding the best policy as well as making sure to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable working with us.
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