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Short Term plans are affordable compared To COBRA Health Insurance

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Most customers choose short term plans because of price and flexibility

If you have recently lost your job, had your hours cut, or have had changes that have led to you losing your health insurance, you have an option. We are happy to help you with your COBRA questions, or in finding a health insurance plan that meets your needs and budget. We know many people want to understand how cobra insurance works, what are the cobra insurance rules and coverage and how much it costs, so give us a call today or request a call back by submitting your information below.

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    Buy Affordable Health Insurance in Delaware, for Self Employed, Individual, Short Term & Family plans

    We break down the insurance policies for you to fully understand, and with our over 100 combined years of experience, we at National Insurance Direct are capable of offering you the most affordable health insurance plans & rates in 2020 whether it’s for a family, individual or self employed!

    Our accredited insurance agents are always available to help you every step of the way. Getting affordable health insurance plans doesn’t need to be confusing or costly, so let us help. You can buy the right health insurance plan today and get fully educated in just about 15 minutes! Insurance plans simplified from major carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna.

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    We Service All Cities in Delaware with Health Insurance
    Including The Major Ones:

    Best Health Insurance in Delaware Including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna!

    We have a team of licensed agents who are willing to help you with all your health, life, and dental insurance needs. We work with a lot of carriers across the 41 states to offer our clients the best and most affordable life insurance plan, indemnity and short-term plans. We take away the stress and fear of trying to find the best insurance policy and make that our business.

    Get the Best Health Insurance Plans in Delaware for Self Employed, Individuals & Family!

    If you are looking for medical insurance and you are self-employed, an individual or a family then we can help you!

    We are not going to limit your options to just a few carriers, this is to ensure you get the best rates possible. We have a variety of plans based upon what’s most important to you.

    Our insurance agents possess the required experience and are licensed to give you the best service available.

    The insurance market is confusing for most people and we know it, that is why we would assist you every step of the way to get the best coverage possible for you and your family at a very affordable price.

    Our success is in helping people get the best from their health insurance policy. We are not successful unless we make you happy.

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    We Show You How to Get
    Health Insurance With Pre existing Conditions

    Don’t get caught up in a messy situation without the health insurance you need.
    We are insurance experts that can help you find a policy even with pre existing conditions that:

    Would be void of any form of confusion and stress

    Would fit your financial requirements

    Provides just the right amount of coverage you desire

    Will put your insurance worries to rest

    Our success comes from helping people achieve their health insurance goals. We only feel successful when you get the most affordable insurance policy that caters to your exact needs.

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    Why Us?

    Our commitment at National Insurance Direct is to simplify the entire process of understanding and obtaining the appropriate health insurance. Our insurance agents and management team is licensed and accredited with the CMS centers right from the day health insurance policy was put into practice. The combined 100 years of experience makes our team a very reliable one with world class service. We know the insurance market very well and have helped countless individuals achieve their insurance needs on a daily basis. You won’t be treated as just another quote. We will treat you as family and help you understand the health insurance market, its various plans and options that are available to you. Then we would send you rates and policy information matching your financial budget and answer any questions you may have so you can have a complete understanding before you commit to anything!

    Our Process To Obtain An Affordable Health Insurance Quote in Delaware

    If you give us just a few minutes of your time, we can give you a detailed health insurance quote and all the information you need.

    If you give us just a few minutes of your time, we can give you a detailed health insurance quote and information you need.

    We go about our process by gathering information about your situation and insurance needs.

    Once we find a matching insurance plan or plans, we would reach out to you over the phone to review the possibilities with you. Through this process we would provide answers to whatever questions you may have and guide you to make an informed decision.

    Once you make up your mind and select an insurance plan of your choice, we would then begin the enrollment process for you!

    We are always there every step of the way, providing answers to your questions and any necessary information that would help you fulfil all your insurance needs.

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    Did you miss open enrollment?

    The open enrollment period for health insurance only runs for a six-week period at the
    end of the year. When you sign up for a plan within this timeframe, it will start on the 1st of January. If you miss this 6-week window, you may end up experiencing some real difficulties getting health insurance, unless you are among the people who can qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. The good news is that our licensed insurance agents know just exactly what it takes to qualify for that special period, and they would be willing to help you get the right health insurance you need. This does not mean you should let months go by with you being uninsured or pay too much. While you wait for the next open enrollment day, you can reach out to us anytime of the year so we can sort out your insurance needs.

    Call us today so we can find the right insurance plan for you!

    Think you can’t find affordable health insurance?
    Think again!

    People who have little or no understanding about the insurance market and how to get the best policy that fits their budgets would usually complain that they cannot afford any form of insurance, whether health, dental or life insurance. But we at National Insurance Direct have a deep understanding of how insurance works as we avail ourselves of the latest information and market trends in product availability which allows us to get you affordable plans you didn’t think were possible! 

    It is our mission to ensure that everyone who wants insurance coverage, would have access to the best coverage possible that meets his or her budget. So, if you’ve been searching for a health insurance plan for yourself, your spouse or your family, be it short or long term, we are here to help you make the right choice.

    Simplicity Rules.

    We know that a lot of people tend to avoid getting insurance because they feel it’s confusing and too complicated, so we make it our responsibility by simplifying insurance policies in ways everyone can understand and we take the time to educate our customers without a sales pitch. We help remove the stress and confusion so you end up with an affordable health insurance plan that offers the coverage you need, without the headache and stress.

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    Why Insurance Matters

    When everything seems to be moving according to plan, most people don’t think insurance is relevant. But life has a way of surprising us and this means that things can happen that would result in huge medical bills or more. There are also a lot of people passing away every year, without implementing a life insurance plan that would give their families something to fall back on. Failure to do this may lead to confusion, fear and bankruptcy due to the bills piling up. However when you have secured the proper insurance policies, you would be assured of yours and your family’s well being.

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    Have questions? We can help!

    Do you have any questions about insurance such as policies, options, coverage, premiums, deductibles, and so on? Well, we are here to clear all those confusions. Having someone on your side who understands how the insurance industry works is necessary for the protection of your best interest. We are willing to be patient and help you throughout the entire process so give us a call today to start a conversation and let us make it as simple as it should be to find affordable coverage for you or your family!

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