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Short Term plans are affordable compared To COBRA Health Insurance

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Most customers choose short term plans because of price and flexibility

If you have recently lost your job, had your hours cut, or have had changes that have led to you losing your health insurance, you have an option. We are happy to help you with your COBRA questions, or in finding a health insurance plan that meets your needs and budget. We know many people want to understand how cobra insurance works, what are the cobra insurance rules and coverage and how much it costs, so give us a call today or request a call back by submitting your information below.

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    We at National Insurance Direct are committed to simplifying the process of getting insured so you can understand insurance policy. We hold a record of over 100 years of experience in the business, and are willing to show you how to get the most affordable health insurance plans & rates in 2020 whether it's for a family, individual or self-employed!

    We have licensed insurance agents who are skilled at what they do and would surely help you every step of the way. Getting affordable health insurance plans don't need to be confusing or costly, so let us help. You deserve the right to a good insurance policy, so feel free to call and discuss with any of our licensed insurance agents. You could be on your way to getting the proper health insurance coverage in less than 15 minutes! Insurance plans simplified from major carriers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna.
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    We Service All Cities in Connecticut with Health Insurance
    Including The Major Ones:

    Best Health Insurance in Connecticut Including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana & Aetna!

    We have licensed agents working with so many carriers across the 41 states. They are experienced in providing the best and most affordable insurance plans across health, life, dental, indemnity, short-term plans, and many more. We would make your fears and stress in choosing the right insurance plan to disappear.

    Get the Best Health Insurance Plans in Connecticut for Self Employed, Individuals & Family!


    If you are looking for medical insurance and you are self-employed, an individual or a family then we can help you!

    We would offer you a wide range of options so you can find the best rates possible. We have reputable carriers offering our plans so that limited options won’t constrain your choice.

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    Our insurance agents who have a wealth of experience and will  attend to your insurance needs with ease.


    We will clear the air on every question you have about insurance policies, because we know it can be so confusing. Our goal is to  simplify things and provide you and your family the most affordable insurance plan.

    When you are happy, then we are successful. This is why we make your insurance needs our priorities and won’t relent in giving you the best service available.

    We Show You How To Get
    Health Insurance With Pre existing Conditions

    Don’t get caught without having the right insurance plan. We are well experienced at this and would love to help you find a policy that:

    Is simple and non-stressful

    Will fit your financial status

    Provides the right amount of coverage for you

    Offers you leverage on any kind of insurance that you and your family will ever need

    Is duly recognized as a national insurance provider

    You will be comfortable with all year round

    Our success relies upon helping people with their health insurance needs with the most affordable and up to date rates. When you are happy, we succeed.

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    Why Us?

    We are an insurance company committed to simplifying the process of enrolling for a health insurance plan. We boast of a team of licensed insurance agents and managers who possess over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. They are accredited and licensed with the CMS centers.  We have been in business from the day health care legislation was enacted. This means that we know the insurance market and have been involved in the success stories of many individuals when it comes to getting the right insurance. We are a business organization, but we don’t treat our clients just like any quote. Instead, we count on building a lasting relationship with you. This motivates us to want to help you understand the health insurance plans and options available to you. We won’t just send you rates and policy information while leaving you left to figure things out on your own. Instead, we will keep in touch with you every step of the way and answer all your insurance questions.

    Our Process To Obtain An Affordable Health Insurance Quote in Connecticut

    If you give us just a few minutes of your time, we can give you a detailed health insurance quote and all the information you need.

    Best health insurance Connecticut

    We have a tested and proven process to gather information about your requirements and evaluate your insurance needs. This information is necessary for analyzing various health insurance plans.

    best family health insurance Connecticut

    Once the evaluation is done, and we have identified a suitable insurance plan for you, we would then discuss this with you over the phone.

    This would allow you to clear up any questions, so we can offer you advice on how to make the right decision.

    Connecticut health insurance quote

    Once we reach a consensus on what plan is right for you, we will begin the enrollment process.

    best health insurance plans in Connecticut

    We will always be available to answer your questions and provide you any detailed information you need to have.

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    Did you miss open enrollment?

    The open enrollment period for health insurance only runs for six weeks at the end of the year. If you can sign up for a plan during this time, it will begin on the first day of the year, which is the 1st of January. Although those who miss this 6-week window period may still qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, they should get ready to face some level of difficulty obtaining health insurance. The good news is that our diligent insurance agents know just how to help you qualify for that period and will be glad to help you get the health insurance you need. This means you won’t you let months go by without been insured or become a victim of paying too much for insurance, while you wait for the next open enrollment day. You can call us at any time of the year, and we would help you with your insurance needs. 

    Discover the right plan for you and your family today. Call us or fill out our forms to get a quote. We are willing to help you find the right plan that suits your budget.

    Think you can’t find affordable health insurance?
    Think again!

    The reason why people think they cannot afford health, life, or dental insurance plans is because they don’t understand the market and cannot find the best policies that they can afford.

    That is why we have made it our mission at National Insurance Direct to stay current on the latest plan information and product availability. We also make it our responsibility to ensure that any individual who wants an insurance plan would get the best coverage within their budgets.
    So, whether you're in search of a short-term or long-term insurance plan for yourself or your loved ones, we have just the right plan for you and would help you make an informed decision.

    Simplicity Rules.

    You no longer need to be part of those who turn away from insurance, because they find the insurance world to be confusing and stressful.  We understand how the market works and are willing to help you solve all your insurance needs. We help remove the stress and confusion, so you obtain  an affordable health insurance plan that offers the coverage you need, without the headache and stress.

    Why don’t you call us today to get a quick quote!

    Why Insurance Matters

    People tend to forget how valuable insurance can be most especially when things are going on fine.  A lot of people pass away without insuring themselves so that their families would have something to fall back to. Not enrolling for the right insurance coverage can lead to a lot of stress, confusion, fear, and bills that your family may not be able to handle, which may result in bankruptcy.

    Having adequate insurance means that you and your family members would be taken good care during a life-turning event. Insurance is crucial to providing you with peace of mind, reducing stress, and making sure that you all get adequate care when you need it. So, call today and let us find the right insurance plan for you.

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    Have questions? We can help!

    Do you have questions about insurance that you need immediate answers to, feel free to ask as you’re not alone? It could be questions about policies, option, coverage, premiums, deductibles, and so on. We would be so happy to answer all your questions and clear any question you may have.

    That is why you need someone like us on your side so that we can protect your interests. We would guide you every step of the way in finding the best policy for you.  Many people feel insurance is confusing, but we at National Insurance Direct are committed to making it as simple as possible for everyone.

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