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Affordable COBRA Alternatives

The overall downside to Cobra is cost. It can be extremely expensive and COBRA is not always the best fit based on needs. This is where National Insurance Direct can help. Call us today, speak to an agent and learn about the best options for Cobra-equivalent insurance.

When is COBRA Available?

COBRAis available to enroll into within 60 days of termination or loss of job or the cobra notification date whichever is greater.

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How do I Qualify for COBRA?

There are seven different “qualifying events” that trigger COBRA:

  • Termination of a covered employee’s employment (other than for gross misconduct)
  • A reduction of a covered employee’s hours of work causing a loss of coverage
  • The covered employee’s death
  • A divorce or legal separation from the covered employee
  • A dependent child of the covered employee ceases to be a dependent under the terms of the plan
  • The covered employee becomes entitled to Medicare
  • An employer bankruptcy (retiree plans only)

Is COBRA Right for Me?

COBRA costs the total amount of the health plan plus a 2% service fee…. for example if you previously paid $250 every 2 weeks and your employer contributed $400 every 2 weeks for your health plan THEN YOUR total cost would be $1300 monthly plus a $26 monthly service fee for a total of $1326.00 monthly..

Cobra insurance is on average 70% higher than what is found on the private market. You will pay 102% of the premium with Cobra Insurance. If you were not enrolled in a dental or vision plan with your employer than you cannot enroll in those plans under Cobra.

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